We have a great problem in Young Life, especially in the east—we do not have enough beds for all of the kids who want to come to camp. One solution is to add an additional room to our existing dorms at Rockbridge. These rooms each have beds and a bathroom to comfortably house sixteen people. Over the course of the summer, each addition allows us to invite almost 200 more people to camp where they can hear the life-changing news of Jesus Christ.

We built two additions in 2011 and a third in 2014, but Young Life staff and volunteers continue to pursue more kids.  We were over capacity in 2015 and each of our high school outreach weeks is already over-booked for 2016.  We plan to add a room to Stonewall Mountain and increase our capacity by sixteen beds to 512 campers and leaders per week.

Roughly half of the funds are already in place for this addition, so we only need $140,000 to move forward with construction.  This figure covers the cost of construction, as well as bunks, bedding, towels, storage units, décor and landscaping.

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